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The Italian and Austrian presidential election a referendum on the weekend is known as the first real test of populist bandwagon swept across the European political and economic stagnation,celine bags outlet high unemployment and unrest continues to flow from the Middle East and north African migrants.
But clear, dark political situation makes the result of the observer on Sunday almost more questions than answers as the key part of the world waiting for 2017 elections in Western Europe countries France, Germany and the Netherlands.
"There is a certain trend, we see across the region, but according to one thing is this weekend, each country is different," Dan kelemen politics professor at rutgers university, told "We don't want to just because Brexit elections in the UK (Donald trump's rise in the United States and Europe, some of the populist leader, the rest of the country you are following this path."
In Rome - in a wave after wave of anti-government rage by populist Grillo 's comedian - turned - politician bip Matteo Renzi five-star sports - prime minister promised to step down after the italians voted against a series of reform,celine bags replica as an unofficial referendum on his rule.
Renzi "no" vote in Italy is a clear sign of referendum, the rise of populism in Europe guidance,celine bag outlet Sunday's decision is likely to be a high fracture properties of movement to the Italian politics and different political views.
Five-star movement in the biggest winner in the failure of the referendum, but more left-leaning populist will have to face many of the other candidates if he hopes to win elections under the prime minister's job.
In calling for quick elections, but political analysts giovanni Orsina, Louis university school of government, deputy director of the Rome said he might not want them to come early, because he wants to set up failure "chef". If opinion polls, five-star movement command about a third of the vote, but it is enough to control depends on the new electoral law.
Another player in Italy at the vote against the European Union, anti-immigration northern league and its leader, matteo Salvini. The popularity of the northern league, improved in one week after the victory,celine bags sale trump Salvini deepened his alliance with Europe's far-right parties to consolidate his influence.
Salvini hope that direct elections to seize the growing discontent and immigration crisis, especially in the northern region of Veneto, Lombardy region government and the pride of the Italian business classes are still struggling to recover after the economic crisis.
Experts say that although the two parties must use the strength of Europe's populist movement Renzi pumpkin referendum, a large number of political parties in Italy can be hard to seize power directly.
"Is definitely a referendum vote in favor of populism,celine bag sale but it's about Renzi Italy than populist anger," Coleman said.
Far-right candidate Norbert is about 700 miles,celine bag replica but in the country's presidential election narrowly lost to the left, Alexander Van der dogs barking the loser of the race,celine bags online but a populist nationalism to Van der barking self-proclaimed "support".
Van der yip defeat and was welcomed by gentle European leaders - the supporters of the European Union in the left and right - to win and the fight against populist power seek to weaken it.
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Austrian President is a mostly symbolic,celine bags online but the game has attracted a great deal of attention in the European election win startled trump in the us and UK Brexit vote.
"What happened here today are associated in Europe," Van der yip said he voted for him, then pointed out that he has won the majority of voters support his information of "freedom, equality, unity".
Van der yip said, adding that the victory sends a "message is the capital of the European Union, the European high position who can win the election." He said he will try to unite a nation divided between the moderate and voted for his liberal and anti-immigrant freedom party supporters.
"This is a clear victory for those who are in favor of the multinational, Michelin, political views," Coleman said. Van der yip get lots of praise of European leaders, including France francois hollande,celine bag shop who said the choice of Austrian "in Europe, and open."
Results in Italy and Austria may give a better grasp of the two countries in their domestic political situation, but I can't help predict how their neighbors will vote in 2017.
In France, socially conservative former prime minister, francois fillon looks ready for next year and Mr Le pen, he resolutely opposed to the European Union and tougher immigration proposal won her many supporters in the country's far right.
The Netherlands will decide if they want to march combative populist geert wilders and his party run free. Although he is now in the opinion polls, experts say, Dutch politics system will be difficult to make him through his agenda items if elected.
"He is popular, but the Dutch system celine handbags outlet there are a lot of union rather than the other party is willing to work with Mr Wilders," kimberly Morgan, a political science professor at George Washington university told
And German chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) is her fourth term, she will face a revival of far-right by populist politicians Frauke poem instead of the German party. However, Mrs Merkel will keep her work seems to disk processing refugee crisis.
"We should not jump to conclusions, Europe's far right, as some people say," Coleman said. "They have made some progress, but it is far from takeover."